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These specialized services are especially designed for organizations that are either :

In start-up phase and/or Considering formalization of HR processes or redesigning of most of their existing HR processes in line with a major scale up or expansion plan.

The focus of these offering is to provide quick yet profound and simple yet scalable HR support appreciating the cost and time line sensitivities of such situations.Our HR Consultants provide expert support in implementing the HR Policies and Processes during these critical phases.

Employee Job Evaluation and Gradation

Our consulting services in these areas help you establish a rational and explainable basis to define the organization structure, roles and required levels of hierarchy. A well implemented Job Evaluation and Employee Gradation process provides valid base for designing compensation and benefits program while establishing clarity in relative worth of different roles in the organization.

Organization Structuring and Manpower Planning

Organization Structuring and Manpower Planning are the critical processes that impact both cost- efficiency and optimum customer service. These services are especially critical for startup and scale-up business situations. We bring in our expertise of designing lean organization structure for ensuring optimum manpower for cost effective, customer oriented agile operations.

HR Policies Formulation

Employee friendly and strategically aligned HR Policies play an invaluable role in establishing the organization. Today’s workforce is younger, dynamic and individualistic. The Generation Next will be committed to deliver its best once it is convinced that their organization follows fair, humane, progressive and transparent HR policies. Employees enlightened on the spirit and logic behind organizational policies feel empowered to contribute their best. A committed workforce in turn ensures the success of organization.

Our HR and OD Consultants integrate industry best practices to develop progressive HR policies